Karaoke video seen in Karaoke!

We created a purposefully low-fi karaoke video featured on-screen in the short film Karaoke! directed by Andrew Renzi, starring Brady Corbet.

Karaoke! was an official selection at Sundance 2013.

Created by: Joy Andrews and Mike Prevette
Featuring: Christina Renee Medina

Music: What's Up (Dream Remix) 

Winner of the Panavision Future Filmmaker Award
Audience Award - 2013
Best Short Film www.shortoftheweek.com
Sundance 2013
AFI Fest
Ashland Film Festival Special Jury Mention for Best Short Film
Marin Short Film Festival Honorable Mention Best Short Film
Atlanta Film Festival 2013
Hollyshorts Film Festival
Athens Int Film Fest
Maryland Film Festival

A Short Film by Andrew Renzi
Starring: Brady Corbet (Simon Killer, Funny Games, Mysterious Skin)
Clémence Poésy (In Bruges, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows 1 & 2)
Alison Bartlett (The Inn Keepers)
Produced by - Garrett Fennelly & McCabe Walsh
Executive Producers - Borderline Films
Photographed by - Joe Anderson
Composers - Saunder Jurriaans & Daniel Bensi
Music Supervisor - Josh Kessler
Editor - Dean C. Marcial
Production Designer - Victoria Rivera
Casting Director - Susan Shopmaker
Co-Producers - Jean-Raphael Ambron, Stuart Ruston, and Ethan Donnelly